Fatih Özçelik
Translation: John Christensen


Punkt 12: Cuma

The first Turkish grocery store in Dornbirn was named after its owner Mr. Cuma. At the time, he was employed as a cook for the company “Hilti und Jehle”. He founded the store, which was an important point of contact for Turkish foreign workers, with support from Günter Pichler. Before his time, Turkish groceries were brought along by workers on home leaves, but the limited supplies would usually soon be exhausted. Hence, Mr. Cuma’s assortment of goods allowed for some variation in people’s menus. In the course of time the grocery store was forced to adapt its range of goods. Initially, it was Turkish canned food, later on people could rent video cassettes and buy Turkish music tapes. Nevertheless, with the introduction of Turkish satellite television, the demand decreased considerably. Today the store includes a kebab shop, where Mrs. Cuma cooks traditional Turkish food for her guests at lunch. After every meal free Cay – traditional Turkish tea - is offered. The store is now run in the second generation by Mr. Cuma’s son Ayhan Bicki, along with his mother and wife.

Foto: Tamer Barbaros

Cuma Biçki, Gründer des ersten Lebensmittelgeschäfts in Dornbirn,

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