Fatih Özçelik
Translation: John Christensen

Weberei F.M. Hämmerle

Punkt 13: F.M.Hämmerle

In the course of industrialization, the textile industry desperately needed additional workers. Recruiting offices checked the guest workers' health and of course their working skills. For a position as a sewer, all they needed was a sewing course certificate or a work certificate, documenting that they had worked in a textile factory before. Such a certificate was an admission ticket to Vorarlberg. F.M. Hämmerle employed a lot of people from the Northern Turkish Province Düzce, since workers were often recruited by their own employees. That is also how Mr. Mustafa Güler was able to bring his family and acquaintances from Düzce into the company. People not only shared their apartments with their fellow countrymen from the province, they also had the same workplace. This was especially hard on the women, since they had to be mothers, textile workers and housewives at the same time.

Foto: Tamer Barbaros

Mustafa G., Textilarbeiter in Dornbirn, Vielfaltenarchiv

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