Fatih Özçelik
Translation: John Christensen

Bus tours

Punkt 14: Bus tours

In those days, a lot of the people were brought to Vorarlberg by the company “Bosfor”. During holiday season, up to 500 buses left Turkey for Germany or Austria each year. Today the company, which commutes between Vorarlberg and Turkey weekly, is called “Varan”. Vorarlberg-based bus companies were also engaged in bringing foreign workers to Vorarlberg. They were hired either by the companies looking to employ foreign workers, or by the foreign workers themselves. Travel by air was not nearly as well developed and plane tickets were much more expensive. Another advantage of traveling by bus was the fact that you could bring along more luggage. The trip took three days and led over country roads and mountain passes. The Gastarbeiterroute – the foreign worker route – was the most dangerous road complex of its time. The route, which led from Switzerland or Vorarlberg all the way to Iran, was used by truck drivers from the Orient, as well as transportation vehicles for the foreign workers. In the early 1970s the owner of the company “Bosfor Turizm” paid a visit to Austria. While on his travels through the country, he chose Dornbirn as his first destination. The other states followed later.

Foto: Tamer Barbaros

Familie Çevikkol, vor der Abreise nach Österreich, Vielfaltenarchiv

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