Fatih Özçelik
Translation: John Christensen

City Hall

Punkt 16: City Hall

Big celebrations were held in the city events hall. Among them were big weddings with many guests. Many of the guest workers who came to Dornbirn had already married in Turkey, some would meet their future wives there opn their summer vacation. Since many of their friends and relatives also lived in Vorarlberg, they chose to celebrate their weddings here. The city event hall also hosted other celebrations and events besides weddings. The first youth center of its time, which was called the “Hock” (literally: sitting down together), was situated here. Mr. Barakali remembers how he organized alcohol-free parties for minors. The youth center also organized soccer tournaments, music classes and Turkish culture-themed evening events. The city event hall also was a place to meet locals. Rumor has it some men even shaved off their moustaches in order not to stand out as foreigners. For young men the city event hall also was a place to meet girls.

Foto: Tamer Barbaros

Türkische Hochzeit von zwei Brüdern, Vielfaltenarchiv

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